Welcome to the Official web site of the Nuku District Development Authority, a 'Noticeboard' to promote development issues in the Nuku District of the West Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea

Nuku LLG

There are four LLGs – Palai, Yangkok, Nuku Central, and Maimai Wanwan,  that makeup the Nuku District. Below is an interactive map of the LLGs showing where the LLGs are located in the district. Read more about the LLGs by clicking on  the LLG boundary on the map.

Latest News


The Southern Regional Workshop on the revised Administrative Guidelines for the Service Improvement Program (SIP) was organized by the Department of Implementation and Rural Development at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and


The people of East New Britain and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville have demonstrated that without the income from extractive industries such as logging and mining, the local economy could be sustained


IN AUGUST 1956, THE PEOPLE FROM MAY RIVER, a right-bank tributary of the mighty Sepik River, invited their upstream neighbours, from the Yellow River to a feast. They neglected to tell their

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