About Nuku District

About Nuku District

Nuku is one of the four districts of West Sepik Province occupying a geographical area from the foothills of the Torricelli at an altitude of 1,300masl to the floodplains of the Sepik River tributaries at 50masl . Annual rainfall distribution is between 2,100 and 3,000mm. There is a distinct dry season in parts of the district between the months of June to September, dictating an intensive yam and banana cultivation system, particularly in Makru, Seim, Kafle and Arkosame. Agriculture system in other areas in the district is predominantly sago or a combination of sago and root crops and bananas.

Summary of District

Administration District Headquarter Number of LLG Number of Wards
Nuku District Development Authority Nuku Station 4 – Palai,Maimai Wanwan, Nuku Central,Yangkok 84


Census data from the baseline survey conducted in October 2012 shows that the population of Nuku district has increased to 69,335. This is an increase of 23,314 people over 12 years. The population growth rate for PNG is 2.7% per year and the 1998 Human Development Report projected an annual population growth rate of 2.1% for Sandaun Province. At the national growth rate, additional 1,243 babies should have been born per year in Nuku district over the past 12 years. However, the population trend for Nuku district is that 1,943 babies have been born every year, which is higher than the projected national average population growth rate.

Nuku llg information

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Name of LLG Name of LLG President Number of Wards Population (October 2012) Number of Households Land Area (km2)
Yangkok Hon. Luke Faru 26 22,252 3,709 975
Palai Hon. Feddy Walson 18 13,027 2,171 1,050
Nuku Central Hon. Hemsley Akolo 25 25,066 4,178 800
Maimai-Wanwan Hon. Elias Watei 15 8,990 1,498 1,300
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