DFAT and Nuku DDA Kina + Kina Partnership for LLG Resource Centres

The Local-level Governments (LLGs) in the country were instituted, 24 years ago, through the Organic Law on Provincial and Local-level Government (OLPGLLG) of 1995 without budget support to enable the LLGs to establish office infrastructure to provide an operational base to conduct government business of managing the service delivery process for the community governments at the Wards.

In Nuku District, Maimai Wanwan LLG did not have building infrastructure as a service centre. Nuku Central, Palai and Yangkok LLGs used run-down building facilities as service centres. For this reason, Hon. Joe Sungi, Vice Minister for Finance and Rural Development and Member for Nuku approached the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to assist Nuku District Development Authority (DDA) for financial assistance for the District LLG Service Centre project.

Counterpart funding arrangement under the Kina + Kina through the Decentralisation and Citizen Participation Partnership (DCPP) program was provided for under a Memorandum of Understanding between Abt Associates Pty Ltd, managing contractor of DFATs DCPP program and Nuku DDA dated 31st October 2019.

The Kina + Kina counterpart funding arrangement with Nuku DDA provided funding for the construction of a new building to be used as a resource centre for Maimai Wanwan LLG located in Ward 8, 21 km south-west from Nuku district headquarters. An existing building that was used as a resource centre for Nuku Central LLG was refurbished under this funding arrangement. Palai and Yangkok LLGs were not included in this cycle of funding to refurbish existing resource centre buildings.

The LLG resource centres project for Maimai Wanwan and Nuku Central have been completed by the contractors engaged by Abt Associates. The completed LLG Resource Centres will be handed over to the Nuku DDA by the Australian High Commissioner towards the end of the year.

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