Maimai Wanwan

Maimai Wanwan local level government

The Local-level Governments were instituted following the Organic Law on Provincial and Local-level Governments (OLPG and LLG) in 1995. Maimai-Wanwan Local-level Government (LLG) was established with 15 Ward-level Governments administered by the President of the LLG and Ward Members elected as political leaders at the Community-level Government.

The President and 15 Ward Members have had no proper Service Centre facility for 24 years. In 2020, under the Kina + Kina facility, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), in partnership with the Nuku District Development Authority co-funded a new building providing an administrative hub for the Maimai-Wanwan LLG to conduct government business of administering services for the benefit of people in 15 Local-level Government area.

The people of Maimai-Wanwan speak nine local dialects and subsist on a staple of sago flour extracted from planted upland sago palms supplemented with root crops and bananas.

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Hon. Elias Watei


Sago + root crops and bananas

1,300 square kilometers

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