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Hon. Joe Sungi | Minister for Public Service and Member for Nuku

I am pleased to announce that the Nuku District Website has been developed for the benefit of our stakeholders and the general public who want to find out about Nuku district and development initiatives under my leadership, the information is at your fingertips.

The development pathway for Nuku was initiated by Patrol Officer (Kiap) George Oakes in 1957 when he supervised the construction of the Airstrip using 120 spades and digging sticks. The building of Nuku airstrip was a unifying project as warring factions of “a rough group of people” from “Palae-Maimai” area, as it was known then, laid down their arms and worked together in a spirit of mutual partnership to build the airstrip.

At this juncture, let me also pay tribute to early political leaders before my time during Self-Government and after Political Independence on 16th September 1975 who took the baton from the Australian Colonial Administration and pioneered our development pathway to self-determination as an Independent Nation.

This year, as the country of a diverse groups of people speaking 832 different languages celebrated 45 years of Political Independence, I would like to challenge the Presidents of the four Local-level Governments and Ward Members of the 84 Wards and all the citizens of Nuku district to work in partnership to drive development projects intended to improve the quality of life of the average citizen of Nuku.

Under my leadership, the role of the District Development Authority is to provide an enabling environment to support local economic growth. The development of the five-year medium-term development plan is to make sure that we have a development pathway to guide our programs and sector development projects.

A district information management system (DIMS) is being developed in conjunction with the tracking and reporting of the Service Improvement Program (SIP) funds including District Support Improvement Program (DSIP) funds through the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD). The program management system has been developed with support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The SIP program management system is designed to create a digitized paper trail to produce reports for Members of Parliament to track and report on the performance of the districts in relation to the appropriation of SIP/DSIP funds.

With the information technology program management systems, we should take advantage of available technology to assist us “work smart” in the way we do government business. Having a district Website is a useful platform where we can engage our stakeholders and the general public to have access to information of the profile of Nuku district, the four Local-level Government areas and the 84 Wards. It is my conviction that informed decision by the District Development Authority should be guided by a good database system built from the 84 Wards in Nuku district.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Official Nuku District Website which you have accessed to read my message using this address:

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