Nuku Central

Nuku Central local-level Government

The administrative headquarters of Nuku Central Local-level Government (LLG) is at Nuku district headquarters. The administrative resource centre was refurbished in 2020 under the DFAT/Nuku District Development Authority Kina + Kina partnership funding arrangement, an initiative of Hon. Joe Sungi, Member for Nuku.

The people of Nuku Central LLG speak eight local dialects and subsist on root crops and banana as their main staple food supplemented with sago starch extracted from cultivated upland sago palms.

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Profile table for Nuku Central LLG

President Hon. Hemsley Akolo
Number of Wards 25
Population 24,875
Number of households 4,178
Number of dialects 8
Staple diet Root crops and bananas + sago
Economic zones 6
Land area 800 square kilometers
Number of secondary schools 1
Number of high schools To update
Number of primary schools To update
Number of TVET schools 1
Number of Health Centres 3
Number of Aid Posts To update
Number of Church Denominations To update
Road condition Good access to difficult access
Number of bridges 1
Number of Airstrips To update
Telephone signal coverage 90% signal coverage
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